reasons i want to look GOOD 

  • for myself
  • for myself
  • to plant the seed of envy in other bitch’s hearts
  • for myself
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A garage to park your boat, on your yacht.

rich people are f**ked up

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oh no is my tag cloud gone?

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literally my favorite quote in the entire world

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i wonder at what point someone went ‘whelp, we’re all out of space for dead people. lets dig a hole and put them there’.

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i don’t wanna be famous for the fame
i wanna be famous so i can meet other famous people

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me when i find out i have a substitute for my worst subject 


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hey look


it’s shakespeare.

that was the worst pun ever but im laughing

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Question: who or what inspires you?

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"james changed for lily"

  • you are making him sound like an asshole
  • you are eliminating any redeeming qualities he might have had
  • you are invalidating his personal growth/character development
  • you are being presumptuous in assuming that james’ life revolved around pleasing…
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